This is the website of the Isuzu Piazza Turbo Owners Club, formed in 1995 with the aim to bring together and support initially UK owners. Due to the limited number of cars in existence and their spread over the world, IPTOC has extended internationally, and we link to affiliate groups in Australia, New Zealand, USA, Japan and more.


Contact us with queries or enjoy technical and other chat on the forum, which is hosted by The Australian Piazza Club, and has been the international Piazza discussion forum since 2002. There is also the IPTOC facebook page, where we post events and links to cars for sale etc, and the Isuzu Piazza Turbo Facebook Fan Club group to join for informal chat and links to international friends.


The Isuzu Piazza (marketed by Holden in Australia, and called the 'Impulse' in the USA) is one of the rarest cars of the '80s, and around 13,000 were produced without significant alteration to the original design from 1980 to 1990. It was based faithfully on one of Giorgetto Giugiaro's masterworks, the Asso di Fiori concept car, and was a pioneering piece of automotive design featuring many details that paved the way for design features we take for granted on cars produced today. Even now its language of form and attention to detail therein embodies timeless principles; fashions may change but the quality of good design never diminishes. Other famous designs such as the DeLorean DMC-12 owe their aesthetic similarity to the Piazza and Asso di Fiori concept. Later versions of the Piazza received handling engineering by Lotus, and the driving characteristics of these cars belie the age of the car. It is truly one of the most understated and little-known gems of automotive world, and with dwindling numbers it is vital that any that survive are preserved or restored. Our international community is a welcome, inclusive space dedicated to shared knowledge and support for owners and enthusiasts.




Joining is a simple matter of contacting and registering, and you will be added to the club mailing list and kept informed of any forthcoming meetings, events and offers. If you have or know of a car please help to update our records as we like to keep track of each remaining car and its status. The club can only keep supporting owners by donations and sales of parts, so please donate if you can to contribute to the running of the website and events etc, and it will be much appreciated and will help us to help you!


All are welcome to contribute and be a part of things. We have a diverse representation all over the world, so do get in touch. We aim to have a summer meet each year in the UK, and have welcomed international guests. We are always open to suggestions and delighted to be joined by more fans from around the world.


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