Piazza and Impulse Parts


Email all parts enquiries to iptoc@hotmail.com


We get a lot of emails from people requesting spare parts for Piazzas, yet when we’ve asked for the details of their vehicles, all has gone strangely quiet.

Now IPTOC will only provide parts to bona fide IPTOC members OR Piazza/Impulse owners who don’t wish to become members (can’t think why when it’s FREE!) providing the requested vehicle and contact details are given.

We have to take this stance as a) our prime function where parts are concerned is to ensure parts availability for genuine Piazza and Impulse owners, b) because the chassis number/registration number is often critical when identifying the correct part and c) because the details of every Piazza left on the road/SORNd in the UK is still important to IPTOC – let’s be honest!

IPTOC spend a lot of time (and money) searching out and investing in hard-to-find parts to offer ongoing support to keep Piazzas on the road and we’re not prepared for that effort to be expended on those who show not even a passing interest in IPTOC, even just from a support perspective.

Please be assured that, when providing information to IPTOC at iptoc@hotmail.com, it will NEVER be shared with anyone else, you will NEVER receive any spam emails or phishing attempts, you will NEVER receive any unsolicited mail to your home address AND you will NEVER be asked to provide payment card details in any way, shape or form. For the extra wary amongst you, simple provision of a name and telephone number will suffice and we will personally telephone back as soon as we possibly can to help with your enquiry.

So, in the interests of only serving a genuine Piazza requirement, making sure you get the correct parts, and gathering as much, confidentially held, information about the last of our cars left in the UK in order to fully understand our demographic and therefore invest the stockholding money in the wisest fashion, please don’t be put off by these requests.

We know of NO OTHER RARE VEHICLE for which such exclusive parts and technical support is available for FREE merely in exchange for a few details; is it really that much to ask? So, we’re afraid:


The same will apply to those seeking technical advice or scans from the workshop manuals.

**Details such as registration numbers provided for UK cars can, and will be, checked to confirm that they relate to an Isuzu Piazza and are not just a random number given to try and circumvent the system. Registration numbers given without any other required detail will not be counted as sufficient proof of genuine ownership of, or interest in, an Isuzu Piazza.